What do you need to prepare for outside barbecue?

What do you need to prepare for outside barbecue?

Outdoor barbecue is a popular activity in the spring and summer to call friends, communicate feelings and enjoy nature. Seeing the sun is shining, the outdoor spring is thick, is the heart of the barbecue began to be eager to move again? However the outdoor barbecue looks quite complicated, to prepare for a perfect outdoor barbecue, I believe that even experienced friends can not explain it clearly, so let’s talk about what to do to prepare for an outdoor barbecue.

Essential tools for barbecuing

  • The special flavor of charcoal grilled food comes from the smell of grilled food at high temperature. Therefore, choosing charcoal is the basis of enjoying delicious food.Good quality charcoal generally burns long time and good fire.Charcoal is best to choose branches and  not use the whole tuber, otherwise it is not easy to ignite
  • The most common and convenient oven is portable charcoal grill, which is simple in design, small in size and easy to carry.It is recommended to use portable outdoor barbecue oven with folding design, which is light and small and easy to collect. Find a Shared barbecue platform where they have free barbecue oven to use.
  • Grill fork, grill skewers, grill basket is baked and finely ingredients or those fragile food good helper, grilled fish, roast intestines or wings, often should brush soy sauce and honey to make them more aromatic flavor, but the brush when they will often shake, carelessly will fall into charcoal pit, use skewer the food baking fork, roast needle is more convenient.
  • A long steel handle protect your hands from the flames, making it easier to hold large pieces of food without damaging the fibrous tissue and affecting the appearance and taste
  • A clean oil brush helps you spread the oil on the surface of the food so that it tastes delicious.Brush is a barbecue artifact.
  • BBQ platters with handles especially if you’re cooking chicken, some pressure will give it a better texture and prevent it from drying out

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Barbecue food 

Barbecue is one of the most free forms of eating, so the selection of ingredients is also subject to the principle of freedom. Friends can prepare outdoor barbecue food according to their own preferences and conditions with exclusive treatment, the polished meat emits attractive aroma


  • Meat: barbecue main force, lazy people can buy meat skewers directly in the supermarket, better flavor if you marinate yourself.
  • Mutton: Mutton is the star of barbecue. The best thing for barbecue is to cut the leg of lamb into small pieces with fat and thin, you don’t need to smear the oil advance.it will produce its own oil when grilling
  • Pork: must cook to be able to be eaten completely, should choose rib, waist, buttock on fresh tender and slightly take some fat pork belly, so the meat not be too dry after grilled
  • Beef: can choose beef ribs which fresh, tender and toughness;Beef shoulder is the best tender meat to roast. Beef should not be roasted to the whole cooked food which will destroy the freshness and tenderness of the meat
  • Chicken: any part is good for grilling.Soak in lemon water before grilling and sprinkle with starch to make the meat more tender.In addition, there are semi-processed chicken wings, chicken, chicken gizzards and other barbecue stars
  • Aquatic product: squid must dry twist into a delicious abstract painting .
  • Seafood is another big part of barbecuing, but it’s more difficult than meat

Fish and seafood, such as live fish, shrimp, hairy crab, scallop, squid, cuttlefish, etc.Squid is very popular of outdoor barbecue.

Fruits and vegetables

Potato, corn, sweet potato, yam, taro, green vegetable, leek, garlic, eggplant, green pepper, onion, lettuce (lettuce meat) green pepper are all popular barbecue vegetables.Bananas, apples, walnuts and other fruits and nuts are also suitable for barbecue, especially roasted bananas, which has become a signature dish of outdoor barbecue.Mushroom, mushroom and other funguses can also be grilled outdoors and taste fresher


  • Many fruits and vegetables can be eaten without baking, or mixed with salad dressing, which makes a simple fruit and vegetable salad. However, due to gastrointestinal adjustment, those who have never eaten raw vegetables before should not eat them, because it is easy to have diarrhea.
  • Not all fruits are great for grilling, but those with a high water content, such as pears and watermelon, are best eaten straight away


  • Paprika, cumin, blended oil, salt, barbecue sauce (juice), seafood sauce, garlic, ginger, chopped green onion, allspice, honey, ketchup, carrot sauce, sweet sauce, soy sauce.
  • The staple food includes steamed bread slices, bread slices, baked cakes, pizza and so on. They have enough taste and do not need to add much seasoning. The steamed bread is cut into about 1cm thick slices and baked to the surface.

Treatment of ingredients

The food is best processed at home. Peeling and slicing should be done before departure. It is best not to put it in the wild. The sliced ​​food should not be placed for a long time to prevent oxidatived discoloration. The variety of food preparation should be more abundant, not just the meat skewers. The amount of food should be based on the number of people, not too little or too much.

  • It is best to pickle with seasoning before grilling meat or fish, otherwise it will only stay on the surface even if you add more barbecue sauce.
  • Meat should be processed in advance. It is best not to choose frozen meat. The meat should not be cut too much or too much. It should be marinated with salt, monosodium glutamate, ginger juice, onion sauce and other seasonings.
  • Before you roast your beef, marinate it for a while with kosher salt and fresh black pepper. This will give the meat more flavor from the inside out, but not for too long
  • The fish must be scaled, entrails removed, washed and salted with salt and wine
  • Fresh squid and baby cuttlefish can be bent if grilled directly over the fire. Use a bamboo or toothpick to fix them.If you want to save time, you can go to the supermarket to buy processed shrimp skewers, fresh shellfish skewers and other semi-finished products like meat skewers
  • Blending oil is an essential ingredient in barbecuing. It makes food easier to cook while keeping it fresh and tender.The best way to mix oil is to use a sealed glass bottle, pour it into a cup and brush the food with a small brush

With all the preparation work, you can enjoy yourself.Let’s bring these delicious food and have a barbecue together.

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