Grill basket contain fish, vegetable grill basket, stainless steel bbq grill basket which is wire basket made from stainless steel or non stick metal with wooden handle, protect user hands away from heat. it have various shapes for different grill food such as fish corn、hot dog、sea food、small piece vegetable and so on

Function—easy flip the food safe not fall through the grate, make grilling food more evenly heated.

What should care when you will purchase?

  • the exactly bbq area
  • the length of handle
  • the material of wire
  • thickness of wire and total weigh of basket

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Hosting a party is a difficult task, especially if you are also scrambling back and forth from the grill and kitchen. It can be hard to have everything under control and it’s perfectly understandable. Grilling the main course outside, while cooking vegetables on the stove inside is not an easy task. This is why a grill basket is all one needs. It is a true masterpiece that will make you look like a catering mastermind.

What is a Grill Basket?

A grill basket is an incredibly useful tool which allows one to prepare the fish, vegetables and side dishes right next to the grill without having to fear small items falling into the grates. The grill basket makes it easy for you to cook all types of food, whether big or small. It leads to a more organized lifestyle where you feel less stressed when throwing a party and grilling burgers, fish or vegetables at the same time.

Normally, grill baskets have a long handle on one of the sides and two rectangular pieces of thick wire on the other. The food would stay in place when the two handles close together just like a waffle iron. Whereas, the wire mesh allows the oil or marinade to drip through while it prevents the food from failing into the grates or on the coal. Besides just the traditional grill basket, there are also other options to add more style to the grill such as grill baskets that are shaped like a shallow pan or bowl.

Majority of the grill baskets are steel coated or stainless steel with a non non-stick or chrome surface.

Type of Food You Can Cook in a Grilling Basket

If you enjoy barbequing, then you will be glad to know that a grilling basket allows you to cook all types of foods with ease. One can grill multiple pieces of vegetables and seafood using the grill basket to save time and effort. There are also some grill baskets that are made from cast iron which tend to be heavy and offer fewer perforations to allow the smoke to permeate the vegetables.

The best thing about grilling baskets is that they are versatile and allow you to cook just about any food as long as it is able to fit inside the basket. However, the thin wire mesh makes it susceptible to skinless chicken or burgers sticking into the thin wire mesh.

Although, the food would not have those beautiful grill marks, it can be used for cooking in an open campfire. Bulky items can be grilled on the grilling basket such as whole fish, wings and chicken quarters. Make sure to choose a hinged grill basket that has a handle for fish, quartered chicken and wings. The glazed chicken would stay in its place as you turn it back and forth.

Skewered food such as shish kebab and satay require a grill basket. Marinated vegetables can be grilled to get that crisp fry taste that you prefer. Easily toss and turn the vegetables and cook them fast. A hinged basket will be needed for larger chunks.

The Advantages of Using a Grill Basket

There are various advantages of using a grill basket. Understanding these advantages will allow you to know what to do with a grill basket. The benefits are as follows.

  • Using a grill basket produces better taste for the food and it looks more flavorful with a touch of smoke which a stove would never be able to provide.
  • Grill baskets are sturdy and light at the same time. They can easily hold up to six portions of vegetables or seafood.
  • It provides better control over diced, slicked and chopped ingredients. There is no need to worry about the food dropping through the grates.
  • The grill basket can withstand high temperature and is extremely durable.
  • A majority of the models can be used on the BBQ and over an open fire.
  • It can be easily cleaned using some soapy water and a brush. The smaller baskets are safe for use in dishwashers.
  • Grill baskets allow you to cook food within 3 to 5 minute without having to worry about the food burning.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Grill Baskets

Cooking on the barbecue or grill means that you have to deal with high temperatures. Keep in mind that the grill basket should be made from thick metal wire or a sheet metal that can withstand high heat without warping out of shape or burning through.

The Material Wire

Choose a model that has holes which are not too big. Otherwise, the food would slip into the fire or out. Make sure to feel around the wire mesh so as to ensure that it is smooth and has sharp or rough edges. You need to choose long handles as they allow you to easily turn the food without having to worry about getting your knuckles burned.

The Finishes

Grill baskets with non-stick finishes are much easier to clean as compared to bare metal. Since not every manufacturer provides grill baskets with non-stick coatings, make sure to choose one that has a non-stick finish.

Why should you buy grill baskets from Hai Chen?

Hai Chen Industry and Trade Co. Ltd provides grill baskets which are made of perfect stainless steel that have a non-stick metal and wooden handles which protect the hands of the user from heat. They are available in different shapes for grilling all types of foods such as sea food, hot dogs, corn, small pieces of vegetables and more. Hai Chen is a leader when it comes to producing grill baskets.

Functional Grill Baskets

The grill baskets sold by Hai Chen are functional and allow you to cook all types of things. Achieve that perfect evenly heated look that you have been craving to achieve. The spring-like mesh keeps the fish in place without you having to worry about it being crushed.

Easy to Use

Hai Chen provides grill baskets that are easy to use by everyone. Even if you are just starting out with grilling or barbequing, you can still easily cook up a feast with the help of a grill basket.

Holds Plenty of Food at a Time

With a Hai Chen grill basket, you can rest assured that the grill basket would hold plenty of food at a time. This means that you can cook food faster as more food would be cooked at the same time. The grill basket is dishwasher safe.


Durability is something that the Hai Chen grill basket guarantees. The grill basket lasts a long time, so it is a one-time investment.

Easy to Grip Handles

The handles are easy to grip. This means you will be able to toss around the food efficiently and handle a larger surface area for cooking different types of foods simultaneously. A great thing about cooking in a Hai Chen grill basket is that the sliced and diced vegetables would not fall through the grates.

How to Clean Grill Baskets?

Grill baskets should be regularly cleaned. You need to choose a grill basket that is of high quality which is easy to clean. Look for components which can be easily cleaned. The stainless steel grill basket by Hai Chen is very easy to wash. It is dishwasher safe which makes it a breeze to cleanup. From time to time, it is advised to consider hand washing the grill basket. If you want to keep the grill basket in top condition, then the following steps should be followed. They have been prepared after finding out the most effective steps.

Step 1

Rinse the grill basket with normal to lukewarm water until the large chunks of the grilling debris have been properly knocked off. Once the chunks have been washed off, it is time to use soap to wash the grease.

Step 2

Apply the soap evenly on the grill basket and nicely lather it around the basket to ensure that all of the areas have been covered. It is a good idea to use a brush to remove the debris entirely. Keep on rubbing the brush on the grill basket until all of the debris gets removed.

Step 3

After the grill basket has been rubbed properly, wash the grill basket with pipe water at a fast speed to get it squeaky clean. This helps remove all of those greasy residues. Continue the process until it is completely clean. Finally, leave the grill basket to dry.

Step 4

As the grill basket begins to rust, it is important to replace it with a new. However, a stainless steel grill basket does not rust that easily and even the brass grill basket by Hai Chen would need some time to rust. But, make sure to replace the grill basket once it rusts, or else the chunks of the material would fall onto the food which is disgusting.