Guide of essential outdoor grill accessories for newbies

Guide of essential outdoor grill accessories for newbies

The outdoor barbecue is like a war, not only the barbecue oven around always full of smoke, but also the most important thing is the strange and various equipment for barbecue.newbies full of curiosity but they don t know exactly what is essential bbq tools or grill accessories,so it easy to buy the wrong bbq grill tools and bring unnecessary waste.

Hai Chen Industry and Trade Co., Ltd will share what is essential outdoor bbq tools for newbies follow:

Portable charcoal grill

First of all, the outdoor charcoal grill must easy carried by car or by hand. that is important factor should consider before purchasing, the charcoal grill weight and volume are not big can bring us a lot of convenience,cheap portable charcoal grill, small portable charcoal grill and stainless steel folding grill is the best choice is for us

Barbecue clean brush

The surface of grill clean brush is a thin steel wire. After one use of the grill basket, all kinds of greasy and food residues are left in the cracks and grooves of the grill net and even some stick firmly to the surface of the grill is very difficult to clean by general cleaning methods but the barbecue clean brush can easy clean the dirt greasy on the surface of grill gridiron.

Grill tong

It can clip a large piece of food during the barbecue and also put charcoal in a hot oven during the barbecue to make the barbecue safe and convenient, more secure to clamp food control help to turn over food when grilling and the special shape of the front end of the tong prevents food from being caught and prevents it from slipping.

Grill fork

Y-shaped tines design easy to fork and move barbecue food can also detect food maturity, wooden handle grill fork is good choice for newbies

Grill spatula

the main purpose of long handled spatula is to turn over the barbecue food,spatula top can shovel the bottom of the food and seasoning, the surface hollow design is simple,very easy to leak oil control when grilling ,the serrations on both sides can be used to cut barbecue food,there is a bottle opener at the top of the handle to bring you the beer soda in the barbecue.

Barbecue igniter

Are you still using a lighter for outdoor barbecue? not safe too much!barbecue igniter which long rod ignition tube, anti-scalding handle, windproof scientific design, eliminating all safety hazards, The igniter is widely used outdoors in the kitchen,the feature is long tube which avoids hot hands when igniting.that is essential grill tools for outdoor barbecue.


above bbq grill tool set is enough for any newbies and BBQ lover ,so just get 3-5 friends go out to enjoy the beautiful scenery. breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the happy barbecue and release the pressure of work.that’s what life is supposed to be, don’t you think.

Haichen 17-piece grill set: Perfect gift for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is approaching very soon and buying a gift for your dad can be tricky. Your father has basically everything and highly disapproves of a lot of other things. One of the best gifts for Father’s Day can be grilling tools. They are useful, affordable and something which your father would surely approve. Haichen is a Japanese company which sells one of the best grilling tools for dad. It has one of the best BBQ grill sets which is affordable and very easy to use, a perfect gift for dad on Father’s Day.

Outdoor barbecue grill tool set with case wholesaler

This grill set is a 17-piece grill set which is specially designed for barbecue lovers. The set is made for the typical backyard barbecue which is perfect for a relaxing party. The barbecue set is larger compared to other grill sets but worth the price. There are so many options to choose from and all of them are affordable and of good quality.

Haichen produces one of the best grill sets and being a wholesaler in China makes it affordable and a much better option than most others. It has been in the grill set manufacturing industry for more than 10 years which makes it more trustworthy to buy from or trust as a gift for your father.

The grill set comes in a plastic carry box which is extremely durable and easy to carry around. The whole set is made up of stainless steel and wood. It also comes with a thermometer and other important BBQ grill tools along with the main ones. This is the perfect set for every person who loves to barbecue. It is good for a beginner as well as an expert. The company delivers this grill set at your doorstep and also in large quantities to boost up your local businesses too.

As mentioned earlier, the grill set comes with a digital thermometer, a spatula, a grill brush, a pair of tongs, 4 skewers, and 8 corn holders all packed in a hard-shell storage case. This case is made up of plastic which is highly durable and since the other tools which are inside the case are heavier, a plastic shell makes the entire set a little lighter. The other tools are made up of stainless steel which come with wooden handles. These wood handles have a double rivet and are solid. The solid wood handles help to achieve a strong and a comfortable grip whenever you are having a barbecue at your house. The stainless-steel part makes the tools strong and highly durable and helps the food on the grill stay warm for a longer period of time. The wood handles are also fixed to provide insulation, so you won’t burn your hand while working with a hot flame.

When it comes to a barbecue, good grill tools for charcoal are essential. You get everything you need for barbecue in this deluxe grill set which is the set every barbecue lover wishes for. As mentioned earlier, this nice grill tool set made up of stainless steel with wood handles comes with a plastic shell case and makes it a nice portable grill set. The carrying space of the shell case is well organized and neat.

The whole grill tool set includes a variety of grill tools which are helpful for any backyard barbecue. These grill tools include a spatula which is 18-inches long, a grill brush which is also 18 inches, an 18-inch pair of tongs, 8 corn holders, 4 skewers, a digital temperature fork or simply known as a digital thermometer and a carrying case.

This grill set is for every man. Be it a professional or a beginner, this set is for all. The main features of the grill set are

  • The grilling tools are made of stainless steel which makes them durable and last longer
  • The handles are made of wood and their contoured shape means they can be gripped in a safe and comfortable way
  • The grill set comes with a carrying case which keeps all the tools organized
  • It is very easy to clean the grill tools as they can just be wiped clean
  • The digital thermometer needs 1 AAA battery which can be purchased separately

Nowadays  the best place to buy barbeque equipment, be it a nice grill tool set, barbecue grill tool set, professional grill set or simply grill tools for dad is to buy them online.

The company also comes up with different product categories for their barbeque equipment. These include grill accessories, grill baskets, grill brushes, grill sets and BBQ tools and portable charcoal grills. These product categories help in differentiating various products as every customer has his own needs and makes the whole process of shopping easier.It is the destination for the best barbecue equipment. They offer the best quality grill tools for charcoal and have been present in the industry for more than 10 years. They are known as stable Chinese BBQ suppliers and deliver the best grill tools. This is the stop where you will find the best grill tools to buy.

This grill set is something very nice to gift to your father. If you are looking for a more affordable option for gifting grill tools for dad, then look no more. This set is not only affordable but also durable so would last long.Since Haichen specializes in barbecue equipment with so many categories to make your shopping experience a bit clearer and easier, there are so many things you can gift your father. They also have an option of Father’s Day grill tools, where you can choose grill tools specially to gift your father on Father’s Day.The company focuses on giving joy to all kinds of people, be it a regular customer or someone with a local business to handle. They see to it everyone is happy whenever they shop from their facility.  They are the best BBQ equipment supplier with a stable industry and affordable prices and great quality products ever to be found.

What do you need to prepare for outside barbecue?

What do you need to prepare for outside barbecue?

Outdoor barbecue is a popular activity in the spring and summer to call friends, communicate feelings and enjoy nature. Seeing the sun is shining, the outdoor spring is thick, is the heart of the barbecue began to be eager to move again? However the outdoor barbecue looks quite complicated, to prepare for a perfect outdoor barbecue, I believe that even experienced friends can not explain it clearly, so let’s talk about what to do to prepare for an outdoor barbecue.

Essential tools for barbecuing

  • The special flavor of charcoal grilled food comes from the smell of grilled food at high temperature. Therefore, choosing charcoal is the basis of enjoying delicious food.Good quality charcoal generally burns long time and good fire.Charcoal is best to choose branches and  not use the whole tuber, otherwise it is not easy to ignite
  • The most common and convenient oven is portable charcoal grill, which is simple in design, small in size and easy to carry.It is recommended to use portable outdoor barbecue oven with folding design, which is light and small and easy to collect. Find a Shared barbecue platform where they have free barbecue oven to use.
  • Grill fork, grill skewers, grill basket is baked and finely ingredients or those fragile food good helper, grilled fish, roast intestines or wings, often should brush soy sauce and honey to make them more aromatic flavor, but the brush when they will often shake, carelessly will fall into charcoal pit, use skewer the food baking fork, roast needle is more convenient.
  • A long steel handle protect your hands from the flames, making it easier to hold large pieces of food without damaging the fibrous tissue and affecting the appearance and taste
  • A clean oil brush helps you spread the oil on the surface of the food so that it tastes delicious.Brush is a barbecue artifact.
  • BBQ platters with handles especially if you’re cooking chicken, some pressure will give it a better texture and prevent it from drying out

New 3pc deluxe bbq grilling tool set

Barbecue food 

Barbecue is one of the most free forms of eating, so the selection of ingredients is also subject to the principle of freedom. Friends can prepare outdoor barbecue food according to their own preferences and conditions with exclusive treatment, the polished meat emits attractive aroma


  • Meat: barbecue main force, lazy people can buy meat skewers directly in the supermarket, better flavor if you marinate yourself.
  • Mutton: Mutton is the star of barbecue. The best thing for barbecue is to cut the leg of lamb into small pieces with fat and thin, you don’t need to smear the oil will produce its own oil when grilling
  • Pork: must cook to be able to be eaten completely, should choose rib, waist, buttock on fresh tender and slightly take some fat pork belly, so the meat not be too dry after grilled
  • Beef: can choose beef ribs which fresh, tender and toughness;Beef shoulder is the best tender meat to roast. Beef should not be roasted to the whole cooked food which will destroy the freshness and tenderness of the meat
  • Chicken: any part is good for grilling.Soak in lemon water before grilling and sprinkle with starch to make the meat more tender.In addition, there are semi-processed chicken wings, chicken, chicken gizzards and other barbecue stars
  • Aquatic product: squid must dry twist into a delicious abstract painting .
  • Seafood is another big part of barbecuing, but it’s more difficult than meat

Fish and seafood, such as live fish, shrimp, hairy crab, scallop, squid, cuttlefish, etc.Squid is very popular of outdoor barbecue.

Fruits and vegetables

Potato, corn, sweet potato, yam, taro, green vegetable, leek, garlic, eggplant, green pepper, onion, lettuce (lettuce meat) green pepper are all popular barbecue vegetables.Bananas, apples, walnuts and other fruits and nuts are also suitable for barbecue, especially roasted bananas, which has become a signature dish of outdoor barbecue.Mushroom, mushroom and other funguses can also be grilled outdoors and taste fresher


  • Many fruits and vegetables can be eaten without baking, or mixed with salad dressing, which makes a simple fruit and vegetable salad. However, due to gastrointestinal adjustment, those who have never eaten raw vegetables before should not eat them, because it is easy to have diarrhea.
  • Not all fruits are great for grilling, but those with a high water content, such as pears and watermelon, are best eaten straight away


  • Paprika, cumin, blended oil, salt, barbecue sauce (juice), seafood sauce, garlic, ginger, chopped green onion, allspice, honey, ketchup, carrot sauce, sweet sauce, soy sauce.
  • The staple food includes steamed bread slices, bread slices, baked cakes, pizza and so on. They have enough taste and do not need to add much seasoning. The steamed bread is cut into about 1cm thick slices and baked to the surface.

Treatment of ingredients

The food is best processed at home. Peeling and slicing should be done before departure. It is best not to put it in the wild. The sliced ​​food should not be placed for a long time to prevent oxidatived discoloration. The variety of food preparation should be more abundant, not just the meat skewers. The amount of food should be based on the number of people, not too little or too much.

  • It is best to pickle with seasoning before grilling meat or fish, otherwise it will only stay on the surface even if you add more barbecue sauce.
  • Meat should be processed in advance. It is best not to choose frozen meat. The meat should not be cut too much or too much. It should be marinated with salt, monosodium glutamate, ginger juice, onion sauce and other seasonings.
  • Before you roast your beef, marinate it for a while with kosher salt and fresh black pepper. This will give the meat more flavor from the inside out, but not for too long
  • The fish must be scaled, entrails removed, washed and salted with salt and wine
  • Fresh squid and baby cuttlefish can be bent if grilled directly over the fire. Use a bamboo or toothpick to fix them.If you want to save time, you can go to the supermarket to buy processed shrimp skewers, fresh shellfish skewers and other semi-finished products like meat skewers
  • Blending oil is an essential ingredient in barbecuing. It makes food easier to cook while keeping it fresh and tender.The best way to mix oil is to use a sealed glass bottle, pour it into a cup and brush the food with a small brush

With all the preparation work, you can enjoy yourself.Let’s bring these delicious food and have a barbecue together.

Hai Chen bbq tools factory

Hai chen bbq set, grill tools manufacturer advantage and aim

For the last 5 years, Haichen Industrial Co., Limited is specialized in manufacturing BBQ TOOLS. And providing one stop BBQ TOOLS sourcing services including all kinds of parts, tools and accessories which covers almost all accessories in this industry.


  1. Supplying BBQ TOOL SET, GRILL CLEAN BRUSH, BBQ BASKET, BBQ SKEWER,BBQ GRILL, Charcoal starter, BBQ rack, and so on
    Sourcing BBQ other spare parts and accessories;
    3.Providing QC and Procuring services;
    4.2 month free warehouse keeping service;


  1. Before put into max production, sales will have a meeting with production department, to discuss what we need to pay attention during produce.
  2. QC team check the goods during each procedure
  3. Before package, check all the goods one by one.
  4. After package, check all the goods one by one.

HaiChen grill accessories manufacturing shop


  1. Sale send a production schedule to clients after order settle. There are with all the details into it.
  2. Keep the post every produce to make sure client know how’s going on.



4F: Five star quality, Five star service, Five star happy, Five star feedback.

Haichen is committed to be one of most reliable BBQ TOOLS supplier and always ready to create a brighten future with concerned partners around the world! So our aim is every clients will have 4 F during cooperation with Haichen

Haichen bbq tools sample roonm

stainless steel bbq tools

What should you to do before purchase bbq grill tools set ?

After check and confirm grill tool set, accessories have nice potential market in the world , so what should you to do before purchase grill utensil set is very important for any one, Haichen industry and trade co.,ltd share the follow point for reference

About detail of products

  • Price range: —price is most important factor for any business, of course lowest cost will help you more easier got order and large profit, so you should do more researches with supermarket, marketing and online shop to know what is price range more popular or suit in local, get main price range data for your budget reference in the future
  • Design: —as we know design style is also important factor for sale. nice, classic and new design will have take more chance for business, and more easier occupy new market, but to be frankly the speed of update new design is too slow for bbq sets industry
  • Material and Thickness : —grill set is made from stainless steel head with wooden handle, steel handle, wooden handle lowest cost, heat resistance more better than stainless steel, but with short service life than stainless steel, so you should select right handle according to local customs and consume level, about the thickness of stainless steel parts, it have 1.2mm, 1.5mm usually and a few of 1.0mm, 1.8mm, of course, the thicker, the expensive cost !
  • Package: —it have opp bag bulk, tied card, blister card, color box, carry bag, plastic case, aluminum case usually , try to know exactly which package will have good sale in what’s days(such as father day, Christmas day, Valentine’s Day )


About the time


Correct time sale will take more and more benefit than , so what is correct time ? you should got in handle before season of sales. the important time include follow:

  •  The time of consult with supplier, confirm all detail and place order
  •  the lead time (30-45 days),
  • the ship time: such as ship by ocean 20-35 days, by air 7-10 day and 3-7 days for courier
  • the time of clear custom


About the forwarder and fee


Find nice local forwarder will help you know exactly arrive time, file of clear customs and save more time and cost for you ,




Is it more complex procedure for you ? don’t know exactly how to do it? hai chen industry and trade co.,ltd not only manufacture grill tool set, accessories, but also offer one-stop service of export help you solve all problems, so any problem, please don’t hesitate contact us and take the first step of your business.

grill accessories factory in china

How to choose the best grill accessories supplier, manufacturer from china

As we know ,barbecue is nice and popular activity which concentrate all family and friend in one place, so the good quality grill accessories is very important when grilling, how did you get bbq tools usually ? one is buy from online shop, it is fast but very expensive, two is buy from grill set china manufacturer. it is cheap and various selection also have good guarantee period.

Important factors

Grill tool set have stable consume QTY and popular market in world side, it is really nice business chance of import, so how to choose best grill accessories manufacturer, supplier in china is very important for any wholesaler, follow is important factors in my opinion:


  1.    Professional manufacture bbq accessories with rich experience — it show supplier have ability can do good products for any requirement, no need worry about the production system and management.
  2.    Excellent quality guarantee — quality is very important for long time and stable business, it is performance strength of factory , also is source of confidence wholesaler while expand business range,
  3.   Small MOQ and competitive price is essential— as we know ,new product or new market need have test marketing , so small MOQ is very important while you doing new market or new products , small cost can not effect anything if lose, but it must take more business chance if have good feedback.   competitive price is important of any business if you are really human , ja ja !!!!
  4.   Nice after-sale service—  who says B2B don t have any after-sale service?   have it , must have, it enable wholesaler and buyer trust you more and good experience if new partner or first business cooperation
  5.  free sample policy— Before any business done, first should test and check sample, Is the factory willing to provide free samples? That will large push help in closing order.


So how to find china supplier which match with above five factors? it is not hard if you have enough time have try one by one, but do you really have much time to have try ?  so i high recommend Hai chen industry and trade co.,ltd( who have above five factors) is good choice for you, which professional manufacture grill accessories with grade stainless steel and wood more than 10 years in china, main product is grill set, bbq tools and accessories. small MOQ, competitive price and free sample policy will help you quick close business and occupy market .