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Guide of essential outdoor grill accessories for newbies

The outdoor barbecue is like a war, not only the barbecue oven around always full of smoke, but also the most important thing is the strange and various equipment for barbecue.newbies full of curiosity but they don t know exactly what is essential bbq tools or grill accessories,so it easy to buy the wrong bbq […]

Haichen 17-piece grill set: Perfect gift for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is approaching very soon and buying a gift for your dad can be tricky. Your father has basically everything and highly disapproves of a lot of other things. One of the best gifts for Father’s Day can be grilling tools. They are useful, affordable and something which your father would surely approve. Haichen […]

What do you need to prepare for outside barbecue?

Outdoor barbecue is a popular activity in the spring and summer to call friends, communicate feelings and enjoy nature. Seeing the sun is shining, the outdoor spring is thick, is the heart of the barbecue began to be eager to move again? However the outdoor barbecue looks quite complicated, to prepare for a perfect outdoor […]

How to easy grill fish perfectly

Hello every barbecue cooking lovers, we know that the main materials of barbecue are: meat, fish, chicken, etc. now let us talk about how to easy grill fish perfectly today Material requirements: Of course, fresh fish- salmon is the first choice, it can be bought almost all year round, the price is very suitable for […]

Hai chen bbq set, grill tools manufacturer advantage and aim

For the last 5 years, Haichen Industrial Co., Limited is specialized in manufacturing BBQ TOOLS. And providing one stop BBQ TOOLS sourcing services including all kinds of parts, tools and accessories which covers almost all accessories in this industry. OUR BUSINESS SCOPE COVERS 4 ASPECTS: Supplying BBQ TOOL SET, GRILL CLEAN BRUSH, BBQ BASKET, BBQ […]

What should you to do before purchase bbq grill tools set ?

After check and confirm grill tool set, accessories have nice potential market in the world , so what should you to do before purchase grill utensil set is very important for any one, Haichen industry and trade co.,ltd share the follow point for reference About detail of products Price range: —price is most important factor […]