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What should you to do before purchase bbq grill tools set ?

After check and confirm grill tool set, accessories have nice potential market in the world , so what should you to do before purchase grill utensil set is very important for any one, Haichen industry and trade co.,ltd share the follow point for reference

About detail of products

  • Price range: —price is most important factor for any business, of course lowest cost will help you more easier got order and large profit, so you should do more researches with supermarket, marketing and online shop to know what is price range more popular or suit in local, get main price range data for your budget reference in the future
  • Design: —as we know design style is also important factor for sale. nice, classic and new design will have take more chance for business, and more easier occupy new market, but to be frankly the speed of update new design is too slow for bbq sets industry
  • Material and Thickness : —grill set is made from stainless steel head with wooden handle, steel handle, wooden handle lowest cost, heat resistance more better than stainless steel, but with short service life than stainless steel, so you should select right handle according to local customs and consume level, about the thickness of stainless steel parts, it have 1.2mm, 1.5mm usually and a few of 1.0mm, 1.8mm, of course, the thicker, the expensive cost !
  • Package: —it have opp bag bulk, tied card, blister card, color box, carry bag, plastic case, aluminum case usually , try to know exactly which package will have good sale in what’s days(such as father day, Christmas day, Valentine’s Day )


About the time


Correct time sale will take more and more benefit than , so what is correct time ? you should got in handle before season of sales. the important time include follow:

  •  The time of consult with supplier, confirm all detail and place order
  •  the lead time (30-45 days),
  • the ship time: such as ship by ocean 20-35 days, by air 7-10 day and 3-7 days for courier
  • the time of clear custom


About the forwarder and fee


Find nice local forwarder will help you know exactly arrive time, file of clear customs and save more time and cost for you ,




Is it more complex procedure for you ? don’t know exactly how to do it? hai chen industry and trade co.,ltd not only manufacture grill tool set, accessories, but also offer one-stop service of export help you solve all problems, so any problem, please don’t hesitate contact us and take the first step of your business.

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How to choose the best grill accessories supplier, manufacturer from china

As we know ,barbecue is nice and popular activity which concentrate all family and friend in one place, so the good quality grill accessories is very important when grilling, how did you get bbq tools usually ? one is buy from online shop, it is fast but very expensive, two is buy from grill set china manufacturer. it is cheap and various selection also have good guarantee period.

Important factors

Grill tool set have stable consume QTY and popular market in world side, it is really nice business chance of import, so how to choose best grill accessories manufacturer, supplier in china is very important for any wholesaler, follow is important factors in my opinion:


  1.    Professional manufacture bbq accessories with rich experience — it show supplier have ability can do good products for any requirement, no need worry about the production system and management.
  2.    Excellent quality guarantee — quality is very important for long time and stable business, it is performance strength of factory , also is source of confidence wholesaler while expand business range,
  3.   Small MOQ and competitive price is essential— as we know ,new product or new market need have test marketing , so small MOQ is very important while you doing new market or new products , small cost can not effect anything if lose, but it must take more business chance if have good feedback.   competitive price is important of any business if you are really human , ja ja !!!!
  4.   Nice after-sale service—  who says B2B don t have any after-sale service?   have it , must have, it enable wholesaler and buyer trust you more and good experience if new partner or first business cooperation
  5.  free sample policy— Before any business done, first should test and check sample, Is the factory willing to provide free samples? That will large push help in closing order.


So how to find china supplier which match with above five factors? it is not hard if you have enough time have try one by one, but do you really have much time to have try ?  so i high recommend Hai chen industry and trade co.,ltd( who have above five factors) is good choice for you, which professional manufacture grill accessories with grade stainless steel and wood more than 10 years in china, main product is grill set, bbq tools and accessories. small MOQ, competitive price and free sample policy will help you quick close business and occupy market .